How Can You Protect Your Driver's License?

How Can You Protect Your Driver's License?

Trust Edwin P. Randolph for help with your traffic citations

While receiving a simple traffic violation might not seem like a big deal, you could be facing large fines and other consequences depending on the type of ticket. Instead of putting your driving privileges at risk, call Edwin P. Randolph for qualified legal assistance in your traffic case.

Citations don’t just apply to speeding and other minor infractions – traffic laws also pertain to more serious issues including DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. For years now, Edwin P. Randolph has been helping Tampa residents navigate the Florida courtroom and get the best possible outcome.

We work hard to reduce your charges or have them dismissed completely. Whether you’re facing a serious DUI infraction or a speeding violation, you’ll get exceptional legal advocacy from Edwin P. Randolph. Because of our extensive knowledge in traffic law, we’re able to expertly litigate on your behalf.

In addition to handling your traffic citation case, we can also help you recover your license from suspension, get the compensation you need from your personal injury case and navigate the family legal system.

Call Edwin P. Randolph in Tampa, FL, at 813-514-1343 for a free initial consultation from an exceptional traffic law expert who will aggressively advocate on your behalf.