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Whether you’ve received yet another traffic ticket or you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you need an expert attorney who can help you navigate the legal system. Laws pertaining to traffic citations, personal injury and family issues are complex and difficult to understand. Instead of trying to put yourself through law school before your court date, call the expert traffic, personal injury and family law attorney at Edwin P. Randolph in Tampa, FL.

Benefit from years of experience in the legal system

For years now, our attorney has helped Tampa residents navigate the Florida courtroom and get the best possible outcome. We work hard to defend you against a variety of traffic citations and also to be your advocate during your personal injury or family law case. With his years of experience, Edwin P. Randolph knows how to guide you through the legal process and will stand by your side during the entire proceeding.

Edwin P. Randolph can help you regain your license after suspension, avoid the complications caused by a DUI, receive the compensation you deserve from a personal injury and work with your family to help you through the separation process.

When you need an expert attorney who can help you retain your privileges or get the justice you deserve, call Edwin P. Randolph in Tampa, FL, today.

We refuse to delegate negotiations!

The traffic, personal injury and family law expert at Edwin P. Randolph works with you exclusively from start to finish. Our attorney handles negotiations personally and never passes your case off to an associate.

If you bring your family, personal injury or traffic citation case to Edwin P. Randolph, you’ll realize immediately you’re working with one of the best in Tampa, FL. Rest easy knowing your case is being handled by a professional lawyer who puts your interests first. Call Edwin P. Randolph at 813-514-1343 for a free initial consultation.

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